Workforce Development

Creating a World Class Community

The availability of an educated workforce is critical to the success and productivity of businesses here in Northeast Louisiana. An educated workforce allows a business to be more competitive on a worldwide stage and deliver more innovative products and services.

Our focus on connecting employers with colleges and universities to ensure the training they provide is aligned with the needs of the business is at the core of our efforts. Each year we publish a workforce solutions publication that focuses on the high growth/high demand jobs for the future of our region to help direct high School students to courses that lead to jobs.

The Monroe Chamber of Commerce board, volunteers, staff and partners are working hard to create a world-class community with excellent educational opportunities, a highly skilled and trained workforce, with an abundance of living wage jobs and a robust economy – a prosperous region where people choose to live, work and raise a family.

2018 Career Compass 2018 Career Compass (4036 KB)