Mission, Vision, Values


To create an environment in which our businesses thrive.


The Monroe Chamber of Commerce envisions a community that is progressive, that is business and family friendly, and that offers its citizens opportunity combined with a good quality of life.


• We believe that people have the right to quality education and life-long learning opportunities, which produce and sustain a skilled workforce.

• We believe that individuals and businesses in our community have the right to accessible services and a higher quality of life made possible by an efficient and effective infrastructure.

• We believe that communities thrive when leaders exhibit the vision and the integrity that promote the highest public confidence and trust.

• We believe in fostering partnerships, which provide opportunities for optimal community growth.

• We believe in unity and inclusiveness and value diversity.

• We believe in high standards of accountability

• We believe that the potential of our community is virtually unlimited so long as we work together to achieve the public good.