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The mission of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce is to create an environment in which our businesses thrive. When businesses flourish, they create jobs and more people go to work and our community grows and prospers. We envision a community where our children have abundant job opportunities without ever having to leave northeast Louisiana and we are committed to building that dream.

To create a business friendly community, we need good roads and infrastructure'. We need a regulatory and taxing environment that supports public works and safely, but is not so restrictive to business that it prohibits growth and development. We need a strong education system that produces skilled and trained graduates who are ready to succeed in the workplace or in college'. When we do all of this well, our efforts are reflected throughout the community and gives visitors to our region the very best first impression. It creates an image that makes us proud to be from Ouachita Parish.

Our members will always be at the forefront of all of our endeavors. We understand clearly our role as the leading business advocate in northeast Louisiana and WC' take that responsibility seriously. You are invited to join the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, and help us build a world class community where our businesses thrive and our children have the promise of a bright future.

Together, we are stronger.

Top 10 reasons your business should join the Monroe Chamber of Commerce

1. Have a Voice in Issues Affecting Your Business - The Chamber works as a voice for its members in local, state, and federal government. The Chamber's Governmental Advocacy Council (GAC) works on developing public policies to im¬prove the general business climate of northeast Louisiana.

2. Informed Members - We try to keep our members informed about any and all regional, state and national is¬sues, either by media articles, newspapers, personal visits, meetings and events.

3. Publicity and Exposure - Chamber members receive real exposure through our publications, directories, and web site listings.

4. Involvement - Our members MAKE THE DIFFERENCE by working to improve the quality of life and business environment.

5. New Business Contacts - One major reason to consider active participation with the Chamber is to meet and network with new businesses.

6. Referrals - Each month, as we receive requests for goods and services, we send them directly to our members.

7. New Customers - We support industries and businesses that bring people, employment and a better economy to northeast Louisiana.

8. Resources and Assistance - We maintain information and statistics that are shared with individuals interested in promoting business in northeast Louisiana.

9. Buy Locally - As a Chamber, we try to keep the money flowing within the community and make those dollars work for our community.

10. Enhance Your Credibility - Chamber membership sends your customers the right message - yours is a reputable company that actively participates in the local business community.

Take advantage of the opportunity

Annual Rate Schedule

Affiliate - $100

(Applies to additional locations of your business if you are already a member of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce)

Basic Business - $325

(1-15 employees)

Patron - $575

(More than 15 employees and businesses who want to particiĀ­pate in a higher level)

Patron Plus - $775

(More than 30 employees and businesses who want to participate at a higher level)

Benefactor - $1250

(More than 50 employees and businesses who want to participate at a higher level and receive more recognition)

Chairman's Circle
- $2,500

(More than 75 employees and businesses who want to participate, provide leadership and receive more recognition)

Board of Advisors - $5,000

(More than 100 employees and businesses who want to tale a role in  leadership and development of standards, programs and initiatives)

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