About The Chamber

The Monroe Chamber of Commerce is a business led, business driven organization that is in business for business. We are a non-partisan, private, not for profit, membership based organization dedicated to economic growth. We are the premier voice for the business community through our efforts in workforce development, governmental relations, transportation and infrastructure and business and economic growth.

The Monroe Chamber of Commerce provides the leadership, which promotes commerce in our region by unifying the business and professional communities. We foster the free enterprise system by influencing the direction of government, educational and economic issues in our community. We provide service to our members for the purpose of creating profitable opportunities for a better Northeast Louisiana.

In 2005, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce awarded the Monroe Chamber with the Four Star Accreditation for our effective organizational procedures and outstanding contributions to positive change in our community. The award is based on our ability to successfully meet and exceed the following criteria: accountability, financial transparency, employee involvement, political advocacy and community involvement.

What does this mean for our members? It means credibility and an assurance that our Board of Directors is a good steward of our member’s investment in the chamber. The audit was conducted by the U.S, Chamber of Commerce Accreditation Board.

To learn more about the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, please call (318) 323-3461 or (888)531-9535.

• Lead in the creation of an environment in which our businesses thrive

Business flourishes in communities with a favorable business environment. Many things contribute to a positive business environment: the tax rate, the regulatory environment and the ease and speed of working with public bodies. Other factors contribute to a favorable environment, as well: the availability of a trained and skilled workforce; an infrastructure system that allows traffic to flow smoothly and safely; and a communication system that provides access to markets throughout the world. Every day, the Monroe Chamber of Commerce works as a catalyst for change to improve the business climate and to establish an environment in which our businesses thrive by advocating and serving as the leading voice of business for northeast Louisiana.

• Foster the development of a world class workforce

Throughout the nation, employers are struggling to find the qualified workers they need to conduct their business and that holds true in northeast Louisiana. The Monroe Chamber is working on several initiatives that will provide local employers with the skilled and trained workers they need when they need them.

• Provide the transportation and infrastructure our businesses need to thrive

Access to markets is critical for the success of any business. A good transportation system includes highways, railroads, ports and airports. When all of these systems flow smoothly, business flourishes. The Monroe Chamber works throughout the year with the City of Monroe, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the Greater Ouachita Port, Patton Boggs and the northeast Louisiana business community to secure funding for important infrastructure projects that will improve the flow and safety of traffic throughout our community.

Our Mission...

Leading the way in creating a thriving business environment

We envision...

a thriving and vibrant community where we can raise our families with the assurance that our children will be well educated, have bright futures, and abundant job opportunities without ever leaving Northeast Louisiana

Our Core Values...

Our continued success comes from fostering these essential core values


We will operate with the highest ethical standards in all our endeavors.


We will remain focused and accountable to our mission.

Excellence and Accountability:

We will strive to be the best; professionalism and excellence will be the foundation of all our work.


We encourage unique approaches to meet challenges and maximize opportunities.


We will be the driving force in creating a thriving regional economy.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

We respect individual differences, but understand that together we are stronger.